Managing Crisis and Difficulty in Children and Young People

Deepen your understanding of the needs of vulnerable children and young people who are being looked after by a local authority or are in court proceedings.

This training concentrates on the needs of vulnerable individuals, specifically those who have experienced neglect, are looked after by the local authority or are involved in court proceedings.

These children and young people often present high levels of challenge and require skilled and sensitive approaches to manage escalating behaviours. This programme seeks to develop skills in managing high states of distress and challenge.

The training is structured over four modules and can be delivered as an Ofqual regulated qualification or as a CPD event.

Structure and content:
  • Understanding emergency placements
    This module explores the circumstances through which children and young people might need emergency placements both in terms of accommodation and school. Participants are encouraged to explore support structures for unplanned placements.
  • The impact of distress
    This module examines the impact of acute anxiety and distress on the mind and the body, and the subsequent challenges for communication at times of difficulty. Participants develop practical verbal and non-verbal skills in the management of children and young people in crisis.
  • Understanding legal processes
    This module explores legal systems in England and how children and young people might be involved through care proceedings, criminal action or family dispute. Participants will develop skills in effectively supporting all those involved.
  • Managing allegations
    This final module examines the nature and difficulties of managing allegations that often arise from highly challenging incidents. Participants will examine prevention strategies and effective responses for safeguarding carers and young people.

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