Learn the basics of safeguarding, with the aim to protect children, young people and vulnerable adults - including their health, well-being and human rights.

Any child or young person can be considered at risk of harm or abuse. If you work with children and young people, you have a responsibility to understand your role in protecting their physical health, their mental well-being, and their human rights.

This is a one day course that is designed to ensure that all participants working with vulnerable children and young people understand the legal and statutory processes relevant to safeguarding. (Review and Update Working Together 2018)

By the end of the day, participants will:
  • Be up to date with the latest safeguarding facts and statistics
  • Know the essentials about legislation surrounding safeguarding in the UK
  • Know the signs and symptoms of abuse
  • Understand roles and responsibilities when it comes to safeguarding young people
  • Know how to raise concerns and understand disclosure

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Did you know?

We also offer a wide range of therapeutic approaches, including many of the methods we teach in our courses.