Supporting Staff Wellbeing

Staff can be just as vulnerable to a range of mental health issues as the service users they support. This course explores common examples and self-help strategies.

Staff are just as at risk of mental health issues as the service users they support – yet their needs are often forgotten.

For example, nurses who work for many years with people with trauma can develop secondary trauma, or an inability to feel empathy for others (sometimes known as ‘compassion fatigue’).

This training will explore the importance of staff well-being and strategies for promotion within an educational environment. It will look to develop individual and whole-organisation approaches to well-being and seek to identify and overcome barriers.

By the end of the day, participants will:
  • Understand the importance of staff well-being
  • Have explored the concept of compassion fatigue and its impact
  • Have identified self-help strategies
  • Have developed a ‘helping hands’ approach to self-care and supporting others

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