Adoption & Fostering - Innovation in Practice Conference - Seminar Briefs:

28/11/18 - At Henley Bank High School Conference Centre, Gloucester - BOOK HERE


Opening Address:  Tony France – Director, Headsight Services Ltd. 
A personal perspective on the experience of poor mental health in the family and; the importance of asking for help.

Morning Seminars:

Dr Kim Golding – Finding calmer waters. Interventions to support children, young people and families with experience of developmental trauma.
This seminar will explore developmental trauma and it's impact on attachment relationships, highlighting the importance of relationship in the recovery process. The fear created by trauma in relationship for children, can lead to poor attachment and to blocked care for parents and caregivers, this can further increase the difficulty in recovery. Dyadic developmental psychotherapy and practice provides a framework for multi-modal interventions which offer support and guidance for parents and teachers as well as therapy for the child supported by parents.

Dr Peter Jakob – From resistance to care: developing a child focus in Non Violent Resistance.
This seminar will introduce participants to this non-punitive approach to aggressive, harmful or self-destructive behaviour in children and young people. First developed in Israel, NVR is now used widely across many European countries and the UK. Embodying the understanding and practice of ‘new authority’, which is based on raising parental presence and growing a supportive community around the family or foster home, NVR enables parents, carers and teachers to overcome their sense of helplessness and experience moments of strength when they stop giving in to the child or ‘walking on eggshells’, while they reduce escalation. Peter Jakob, who introduced NVR to the UK, will familiarize delegates with the core approach and its inherent possibilities, and then go on to introduce his own model of nonviolent child-focused work which he developed specifically for responding to children with developmental trauma and supporting multi-stressed families. Experiential exercises, presentation and case examples will enable an understanding and a felt sense of the work with NVR.

Afternoon Seminars: Delegates will have a choice of one.

Seminar 1. What the EMDR?! - Tony France
An exploration of therapeutic interventions and models.

Seminar 2. Creating Therapeutic Environments - Hannah Clarke
With increasing pressure for early interventions to be carried out by frontline staff, creating therapeutic environments is critical to protecting young people's mental health.

Seminar 3. Understanding the Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences - Dr Imelda Bennett
This seminar will explore the importance of understanding ACE's as part of a trauma informed approach.

Seminar 4. Innovation in Promoting On-Line Safety for Children & Young People - Joe Kenny from Zeeko
Zeeko survey ca. 50,000 young people on their digital habits each week. They have the most up to date research on the Internet behaviours of Primary and Secondary school children. Dr Marina Everri is Head of Research at Zeeko. They has recently conducted research on the digital habits of teens and the impact of Internet safety education on different groups. Joe Kenny, founder of Zeeko will present these findings and Zeeko’s research on innovative approaches to empowering young people to safely benefit from technology and the Internet.

Final Keynote. Dr Imelda Bennett - Consultant Paediatrician & Designated Doctor for Children in Care and Adoption (Gloucestershire)