Outreach Worker

Watson is a three year old rescue cat who likes nothing more than to be out and about making friends and seeing what's going on.

Head of Security

Holmes is a 10 year old Bulldog who has an acute sense of justice and a typical Bulldog attitude to 'who's on the list'!

Head of Communication

Delores and her best friend Eartha are always the first to let us know what everybody is up to, and tell us very clearly when we aren't doing something correctly!

Events Manager

Clemmy is a Norfolk black turkey who was rescued from becoming someones Christmas dinner. He is a gentle soul, his favourite treat is black grapes. We are very sad to announce that Clemmy died suddenly on 19.10.18 from a respiratory infection, he was so loved, RIP.

Miaow Miaow

Miaow Miaow turned up at the back door two years ago as a starving, sickly stray. She is now thriving and makes sure we never forget about her by vocalising her needs loudly and consistently! 🙂

Jeff & Poppy
Play Specialists

Jeff & Poppy are sibling pygmy goats, they have a huge play drive and love to be chased around the garden whilst performing acrobatics.

Pastoral Support

Sigh is the sweetest, most loving dog, he is registered with Pets as Therapy and is always ready to snuggle up to someone who is feeling a bit down.

Barbara, Margo, Little Dave & Blondie
Head of Catering

These ladies are experts at the art of mindful busyness. They certainly love their food, if you don't get in quickly there'll be none left!

Activities Co-ordinator

Beau is a two year old Irish Setter who LOVES life, he is always the first out the door to go on an adventure. If you have forgotten how to play he will definitely remind you!

Mental Health Champion

Colin is the newest member of the team, he is excellent at reminding us that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that self acceptance is one of the keys to wellbeing. Follow Colin's mental health tips on Instagram @colinthepig or buy a copy of his 2019 calendar here



Unit 4, The Old Dairy, Rushley Lane

Winchcombe, Gloucestershire, GL54 5JE, UK