Meet our Support Team


All Rounder

Colin wears so many hats it’s impossible to pigeon-hole his role. He acts as our mentor, team supporter, copy editor, motivator and caterer. Sometimes he does all these things at the same time. When he’s not on the job, he’s probably in the mud.


Head of work/life balance

A new addition to the Headsight family, Arthur is a bulldog with a heart of gold.

Known as  the Dali L’ Arthur, he is a deep thinker and likes to spend many hours contemplating life sitting on the doorstep.

He reminds us of the importance of taking time to smell the roses or coffee of life.

Dolores & Eartha

Head of Security

Delores and her best friend Eartha are always the first to let us know if anybody is around, what they’re up to, and tell us very clearly when they aren’t doing what they are supposed to be!

Roo & Nelson

Play Specialists

Roo and Nelson are sibling Boer goats, they have a huge play drive and see opportunities for games and fun in everything they do.

Roo is definitely the big brother and first to climb as high as he can get. Nelson is more anxious constantly checking in with Roo to make sure he is ok.


Outreach Worker

Watson is a seven year old rescue cat who likes nothing more than to be out and about making friends and seeing what’s going on.

He makes regular visits to all the animals who live with him, supervising the guinea pigs, hanging out with the chickens and even playing with the goats.


Activities Co-ordinator

Beau is a six year old Irish Setter who LOVES life, he is always the first out the door to go on an adventure. If you have forgotten how to play he will definitely remind you!

Beau is so excited to have Little Arthur as a playmate, they are constantly getting up to all sorts of mischief together.

The Lovely Ladies

Head of Communications

We have 6 rescue chickens who like to be involved with everything going on. You will often see them hitching a ride on Colin the Pig’s back as he potters around.

They have made a wonderful recovery from the featherless and fearful beings they were when they first arrived. 

Small & Mighty

Head of Empathic Studies

The Guinea’s are beloved members of the therapy team. Often thought of as ‘children’s pets’ this does their huge personalities and tenacity of spirit a great injustice. 

They are wonderful teachers of empathy as sometimes we humans can overlook their rich emotional lives and deep friendships.

Miaow Miaow

Trauma Survivor

We found Miaow Miaow terrified and near starvation 5 years ago, and have gradually nursed her back to physical and emotional health. 

We will never know what she went through but she Miaows and Miaows if she doesnt have constant access to food, (hence her name). She clearly remembers what it was like to be starving even though it’s many years since this happened to her.