We're privileged to work with so many people in our training and therapy. Here's what some of them had to say about us.

On another note I would like to say thanks for the four days. For me it was a great refresher of some techniques I have used before and an introduction to others that I can hopefully use in the future. At the same time it challenged me to look at a few things in my life that I often gloss over due to everyday pressures.

Mental Health Nurse who completed the Applied Therapeutic Skills course

Probably the best course I’ve been on in a long time. Mind provoking and life changing understanding. Very good day, presenter very approachable and inclusive. Really informative and I really enjoyed it.

Foster Carer who completed the Introduction to Therapeutic Skills course

We were in a difficult place, exhausted, sleep deprived, & very low.  Our children were struggling with home schooling, lockdown & not seeing their friends.

They both suffer with anxiety.  It has helped to talk to the Headsight therapist, it gave us some perspective & some hope that things would improve.

It also gave us more confidence in our own ability to manage & knowing we could reach out if we couldn’t cope.

Parent who participated in Headsight’s Crisis Management Service

The Headsight therapist has been an amazing support to me at times when I have needed it most & she has probably gone above & beyond her remit to offer me support.  It was so important to me to have someone listen to me & understand.  I was offered a couple of different strategies which I have implemented & they have made a difference.  I always felt in a better frame of mind after talking to her, with a relighted enthusiasm to tackle the problems again, & whilst she has not always had answers to address the problems we are facing, she has tried her best to find someone who can.  Her advice, understanding & friendship has been invaluable.

Therapy client

Bloomin’ marvellous! Can’t speak highly enough of them.

Colin The Pig

When we were in need, Headsight were amazing- quickly getting us access to a psychological assessment, and following on from that play therapy and SHADES course. This has had such a positive impact on our family, we function much better now and are living in a much happier state. Our children’s needs are long term and we wouldn’t hesitate to use Headsight again as and when needed.
Adoptive parents who used Headsight’s Therapeutic Services

Headsight – Not sure where to start, But I can honestly say they have given me the skills to be a much more competent carer.

They have given the skillset to understand the psychology behind the behaviours of the children in my care, They have also given me strategies, to understand, to be able to question appropriately, and actually give the children ways to help themselves.

They have helped me understand empathy, better listening skills, problem solving, self soothing, personality development, shame, creating a secure alliance, and so much more.

We have learnt about the law, emergency placements, and managing allegations.

I have found Headsight trainers to be the most easy, caring and knowledgeable trainers, I have had the pleasure of being with. I believe with the help of Headsight, our foster care agency will be able to demonstrate that they are amongst the best carers available in the industry.

Foster Carer who participated in a variety of Headsight Courses

I just wanted to send a brief email thanking you for a fantastic week. As I think I told you at the time, it was the best course / learning experience I’ve ever had!

Senior PMVA Instructor NHS Trust who complete the Applied Therapeutic Skills training course

So much knowledge regarding the human psyche and behaviour. Many practical strategies to use professionally. Overall an amazing experience and THE best course I have ever attended.

HTLA, Primary School who completed the Applied Therapeutic Skills course

I feel that our family has more connectedness now as we understand each other & our triggers better.  I can now see the shame & distress that is driving my child to her displays of challenging behaviour rather than viewing this as merely being ‘naughty’.  We are trying to work better as a family unit, given the knowledge & insight we are learning through our sessions.

Parent who participated in Headsight’s Crisis Management Service

It was reassuring, educational & guiding in appropriate proportions.  The balance between theory & what to do in practice was really good as well.

Parent who participated in Headsight’s Crisis Management Service