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Therapy on the farm

This podcast is heartwarming. For any child struggling in any way, this conversation will give you fresh hope. Hannah Clarke talks us about animal assisted therapy, trauma and EMDR, as we wander through the goats, chickens, pig, geese and more. It’s a great insight into the therapy room and the world of a child.

Drugs: How to talk to your kids

In this podcast Tony France, talks about all things drugs, adolescence, trauma or addiction related.

He’s a psychotherapist with a difference and this conversation is a great way to get ahead of the drugs conversation with your kids.



Animal Assisted Psychotherapy – Who, What and Why

Animal-assisted psychotherapy is on the rise. But what does it really entail, and who can it help? In this article (written for PESI UK) Hannah Clarke, explains the animal ‘magic’ – from establishing trust to exploring projections, and the transformative power of limbic resonance.

Get ahead of anxiety!

How do you spot anxiety in a child before it becomes a problem?

  • What do you do about it?
  • What help is available?
  • What can we do at home? – so much, very easily!

Tony France answers all those questions. This is one of those podcasts that everyone should hear.  Tony brings insight after insight and leaves you feeling empowered.


Is this my best side?

Yours Magazine were the 1st to recognise Colins celebrity potential, writing an article about him in 2018. Read more about how he and his friends help children struggling with anxiety, depression and low self-esteem.



Colin is in the media, yet again

Colin loves to be in the spotlight and has once again made the news, this time for Best Magazine. Find out how this fabulous pig helped Hannah recover from a prolapsed disc in her neck.



A Frontline Army of Love

We see foster carers as the frontline for vulnerable kids and we love working with them.

Our latest newsletter highlights how we support their professional development through the training that we offer.



Meet Dr Shame

Hannah, dressed up as Dr Shame for the Maybo conference 2019. Watch this short video to understand more about shame and what happens when shame is triggered in us.



Ofsted Conference 2019

Watch Tony being interviewed by the fabulous Dr Pooky Knightsmith after his keynote at the 2019 Ofsted conference.