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Headsight is committed to improving the lives of vulnerable children & young people, through the provision of high quality training. All of our training is trauma informed and designed to be experiential, engaging and participative in approach. Focussing on increasing personal insight and the development of skills rather than seeking to simply raise awareness.

Focussed study

Choose a topic that you’re interested in and take a deep-dive into a whole new range of skills and knowledge.

All of our focussed study courses can be delivered both on-line or in person.

CPD and Qualifications

Our Nationally recognised professional qualifications provide a progressive pathway in the development of therapeutic skills & practice.

Our professional qualifications can be delivered in person or using a blended approach partly on-line

Focussed study

Click on the images below to see an in depth description of the focussed study courses we offer. All of our courses come with CPD points.

Working with People on the Autistic Spectrum

This is a cutting edge one day training course combining the latest neuro-scientific research into autism with experiential exercises that will help you to understand what it might be like to live with some of the characteristics of autism.


Understanding and Managing Self-Harm

This programme illuminates some of the reasons why a young person might harm themselves, and basic strategies for assessing and managing the risks.

Compassion Fatigue and Secondary Trauma

Secondary trauma, also known as ‘compassion fatigue’, can lead to an erosion in your ability to feel empathy. This course will help you recover.

Substance Misuse

Get an up-to-date understanding of the substances, the legal framework, and the societal patterns of drug use which are impacting young people today.

Childhood Sexual Exploitation

Learn about the range of issues and challenges faced by staff and carers when identifying children and young people who are at risk of sexual exploitation.

Learning Disabilities and Mental Health

This one day training course aims to give an introduction into how mental health issues can affect the lives of children and young people with learning disabilities.


Working with Complex Trauma

Complex trauma is caused within relationships, often in childhood and usually by one or more trusted caregivers. This course explores its impacts.

Non-Violent Resistance Practitioner Certificate

NVR is a model for practice which has been developed for aggressive, violent, controlling and self-destructive behaviour in children & young people.

Managing Disclosures

Equip yourself with the skills and confidence to manage disclosures from children in your care, and respond to those disclosures in helpful ways.

Understanding Parental Substance Misuse

Arm yourself with the knowledge and skills to assess the risks of parental substance abuse – and act in the best interests of the impacted child.

Developing a PACE Informed Approach

Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy (PACE) is a therapeutic approach which can work wonders with children and young people.

Harmful Sexual Behaviour in Children and Young People

This day will give participants an understanding of how sexualised behaviours develop in children, and offer strategies for their safe management.

Social Media, Sex and Relationships, and Bullying

Social media has a pervasive role in children and young people’s lives. This course explores its potential effects and safe, positive ways to engage with it.

Understanding and Supporting Grief, Loss and Bereavement

Children and young people are often severely impacted by grief and loss. This course will help you effectively support those in need.

Understanding and Responding to Suicidal Behaviour

This course will provide you with a model for assessing risk and supporting people who may be experiencing suicidal thoughts or feelings.

Trauma-Informed Safe Handling and De-Escalation Skills (SHADES™)

Safe Handling and De-escalation Skills (SHADES™) is explored in this two day training course, including distress management and physical safety skills.

Court Skills for Non-Legal Professionals

This course provides a good working knowledge of the British court systems and equips learners with the relevant skills and confidence to operate as a ‘non-legal’ professional within the legal system.

Understanding Parental Mental Health

Explore the causes, symptoms and long term affects of parental mental health issues and strategies for working with parents and carers.

Understanding Attachment

Relationships are fundamental to human experience, and in this course you’ll learn about the common attachment types and how they affect a person’s life.

Understanding and Working with ADHD

Learn about the history and context of ADHD, how it is diagnosed, and develop practical skills to work with children and young people with this disorder.

Managing Stress and Anxiety

Feelings of stress and anxiety can often be overwhelming. This course explores the internal and external factors involved in the development of stress.

Understanding and Responding to Shame

What is shame and why do we experience it? During this interactive training these questions will be answered along with recognising defences against shame, shame based behaviours and how to respond to toxic shame.

Qualifications in Therapeutic Practice

Headsight offers a suite of Qualifications in Therapeutic Practice, designed to be undertaken as flexible units of study and delivered by our world-class training team.

Level 2 Award in Developing Therapeutic Skills

Explore the emotional and psychological development of children and young people and learn new approaches for those needing additional support.

Level 3 Certificate in Applied Therapeutic Skills

This four day course will help experienced carers and professionals deepen their understanding and skills for working with children and young people.

Level 5 Diploma in Applied Therapeutic Practice

This course is for anyone working with children and young people who would like to increase their knowledge and develop their skills around working therapeutically.

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We also offer a wide range of therapeutic approaches, including many of the methods we teach in our courses.

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