Our Schools Programme

“Our therapeutic interventions are successful because they start with an assessment, are child-led, structured and delivered by therapeutically qualified professionals. These measurable outcomes are realistic and goal-orientated towards reintegration back into school and/or more a positive school experience.”

Our Model for Success

1. We are a multidisciplinary team driven to improve the outcomes of vulnerable children in school. Consultations and assessments are provided directly to schools.

2. We use a relational approach and the active engagement of parents and/or carers is often critical to success. “Evidence clearly shows that a child’s capacity for learning and growth is directly related to their capacity for relationships. When we take time to focus on the processes of relationship, we unlock the potential for learning and growth”

3. Our sustainable approach provides opportunities for leadership, support staff and SENCos to gain skills and qualifications in trauma informed approaches and therapeutic practice, building capacity within their school. Training includes Schools Mental Health Leadership Programme, Level 2 Award in Developing Therapeutic Skills, Level 3 Certificate in Applied Therapeutic Skills , E-learning on childhood trauma and TAG Practitioner.

4. In school therapeutic Learning Partners (TLP) is a tested approach, whereby a Headsight TLP works within the school environment, for an agreed period of time, both directly with the child and with the broader relational environment to create safety, stability and access to learning.

5. For children who require reintegration into school, there are times where it may be helpful to provide opportunities outside of the school environment that can enable the child, along with one of our TLPs, to access a successful learning experience as part of their reintegration back into school.

 The above model is a package of support available through our ‘Schools Partnership Programme’  and our key focus is to help your school grow its capacity, thereby reducing your need to seek external services in the future.

Lucy’s Story

How a Therapeutic Learning Partner enabled a traumatised child to find happiness at school.


“What you have enabled us to achieve is nothing short of a miracle. Your support came at the right time for us, as we had reached a point where we were feeling that we were never going to be able to get *** to a point where he could be in school for whole days. In fact, despair had kicked in and we were left feeling helpless. It is amamzing to see the ‘real’ *** emerging and the staff here feeling empowered to be able to manage him more effectively.”

“Thank you so much for the support this year. The guys have done an amazing job with our year 6 boy. He recently did his SATs tests and completed them all, reaching the expected standard in reading and SPAG. I would never thought this was possible a year ago.”

Cheltenham Head Teacher