Understanding Attachment

Relationships are fundamental to human experience, and in this course you’ll learn about the common attachment styles and how they affect a person’s life.

As we develop, we develop relationships with those around us, particularly our primary caregiver. The style of relationship we build at this stage can become a blueprint for our relationships of the future, leading us to adopt one of four attachment styles.

This course will:
  • Provide an understanding of why attachment is fundamental to our survival
  • Explore the history of attachment theory
  • Recognise the importance of a key attachment figure
  • Consider attachment behaviours through the lens of connection
  • Identify the four key attachment styles
  • Reflect on the attachment history of someone you know
  • Create a strategy to support the attachment style of a student/client or child in care
  • Explore mental health issues common to attachment styles

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Did you know?

Many of our therapists use DDP to inform their practice.