Working with Complex Trauma

Complex trauma is caused within relationships, often in childhood and usually by one or more trusted caregivers. This course explores its impacts.

Complex trauma is ‘inter-personal’, meaning that it is caused within relationships rather than external factors.

It most commonly occurs in children who are highly dependent on caregivers for their safety and survival – but it can occur in adult relationships (such as abusive relationships).

It can lead to a lifetime of challenges and behavioural issues, which this course will explore.

By the end of the day, participants will understand:
  • The nature of complex trauma, and how it relates to other forms of psychological trauma
  • The causes of complex trauma, its complexities and how it impacts on day to day functioning, with particular emphasis on supporting children in different life stages
  • The relationship between complex trauma, distress tolerance and emotional regulation
  • The effects of complex trauma in relation to physical health including long term health consequences, relationships, emotional responses, disassociation, behaviour, learning and cognition
  • The impact that experiencing Complex Trauma as a child or young person can have on education, emotional and social development, attachment, relationships and mental health

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Did you know?

Headsight director Tony France was interviewed by Dr Pookie Knightsmith after his keynote speech on Trauma Informed Practice at the OFSTED conference 2019. Watch the video on our News & Views page.