Managing Disclosures

Equip yourself with the skills and confidence to manage disclosures from children in your care, and respond to those disclosures in helpful ways.

Children and young people who have experienced abuse or distress may choose to tell others in unexpected ways – including people at school whom they most trust. If a child discloses such information to you, would you know how to respond?

This is a one day training course which will equip staff with the confidence to manage disclosures from children in their care, and explains clearly the responsibilities of those involved. You’ll learn about the right measures to take to share information, and do so while also maintaining a positive longer term relationship with the affected child.

By the end of the day, participants will:
  • Be able to recognise responsibilities around information sharing and confidentiality
  • Know how to respond helpfully to children and young people when disclosures are made
  • Explore the pressures placed on relationships when disclosures occur
  • Explore helpful approaches to maintaining ongoing relationships

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We also offer a wide range of therapeutic approaches, including many of the methods we teach in our courses.