Substance Misuse

Get an up-to-date understanding of the substances, the legal framework, and the societal patterns of drug use which are impacting young people today.

Substance abuse can affect anyone at any age, but children and young people – with developing brains – are particularly at risk of the issues that can occur as a result of substance abuse.

The issue is complicated by the increasing range of drugs available to young people, as is the increase in the strength of many drugs, such as cannabis (which has increased in strength by 25% since the 1970s).

This is a one day course that will introduce participants to the risk and effects of substance misuse in young people.

By the end of the day, participants will:
  • Have received up to date and relevant information on the drugs of concern
  • Have explored the impact of ‘new psychoactive substances’ on young peoples’ substance use patterns
  • Gain an understanding of patterns of young peoples’ use of both legal and illegal substances
  • Have explored methods of engaging young people in a dialogue about substance use
  • Gain an understanding of the safeguarding context
  • Know the relevant issues relating to confidentiality and information sharing

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Did you know?

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