Understanding and Working with ADHD

Learn about the history and context of ADHD, how it is diagnosed, and develop practical skills to work with children and young people with this disorder.

Children and young people with Attention Hyperactive Deficit Disorder (ADHD) may have an inability to pay attention, may act in impulsive ways, and may have difficulties regulating their emotions – beyond what might be expected at a normal developmental age.

The condition can be managed and treated with counselling and medications, but correctly identifying the disorder is the first step.

This is a one day training course, which will provide participants with up-to-date knowledge and equip them with practical skills to use when working with young people with ADHD and associated conditions.

By the end of the day, participants will:
  • Have explored the history and context of ADD and ADHD
  • Understand the process of diagnosis and treatment
  • Have developed and practiced skills and approaches to work with children and young people with ADHD

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Did you know?

We also offer a wide range of therapeutic approaches, including many of the methods we teach in our courses.