Working with People on the Autistic Spectrum

This is a cutting edge one day training course combining the latest neuro-scientific research into autism with experiential exercises that will help you to understand what it might be like to live with some of the characteristics of autism.

By the end of the day participants will have:
  • Have explored the history of autism, including the latest changes in the DSM-V
  • Understand the new diagnostic criteria and how the triad of impairments has become a Dyad
  • Have considered the impact of genetic and environmental factors in the ‘explosion’ of autism
  • Understand how the brain of someone with autism may differ from a neuro-typical brain
  • Have explored strategies for supporting young people who experience symptoms of an Autistic Spectrum Condition

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Did you know?

Headsight director Hannah Clarke wrote a book in 2013 titled Making Friends – ‘supporting people with autism to make friends have fun and share their unique brilliance.’